Never Miss an Enquiry

Because individual driving instructors and multi-car driving schools will often have different requirements for dealing with their incoming calls, DIS offers two main call management solutions: Call handling and Call messaging. Each provides a live answering service with different levels of support, but with all calls being answered in the name of your school, 8 ’til 8 weekdays and 9 ’til 5 on Saturdays.

Call Handling

Call handling is our most complete service, empowering DIS to answer queries, take bookings, alter and amend existing lessons and to generally deal with all calls on your behalf. DIS will become the front-end of your business, and will be the first stop for all your pupils to address any issues they may have, relieving you of much of the administrative burden of running your driving school.
Call messaging is a “no frills” service where DIS will deal with enquiries and process messages, but then text you details of potential new pupils, or advise you of existing pupils wanting to alter their lessons for you to deal with yourself. Call messaging serves to reassure your customers that their call has been taken and to filter out those annoying sales calls that are the bane of any small business.

Call Messaging

Out of Hours Voicemail

Our opening hours are 8am – 8pm weekdays and 9am – 5pm Saturdays, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop diverting your calls outside of these hours. Your call answering service includes an out of hours voicemail that you can personalise to your school needs. These voicemails can either be picked up by yourself via your message centre or the DIS team, who will deal with voicemails on the next working day.