• How will you make me more efficient?
    By tracking lessons, products and payments and monitoring your pupils’ progress; by ensuring that pupils (and other business contemporaries) can contact your office 12 hours a day; by allowing callers to leave an out of hours message on your personalised Voicemail; by enabling pupils to view their records on your website; by allowing potential new pupils to interrogate then book lessons via your own website; by giving you instant access to your message. The list is almost endless.
  • With pupils booking via DIS, my website and with me on lessons, how do we avoid double-bookings?

    That depends on the way you choose to update your diary. If you continue to use a manual diary or are only able to update your Online Office at the end of your working day, double-bookings or “clashes” can occur. However, the system recognises whenever this happens and sends you an alert asking you to move one or other of the pupils. If you update your diary at the end of each lesson, clashes simply cannot happen because you, DIS and any pupil that may be booking directly via your website will be using “live” data and only slots that are actually available will show up.

  • How can you be sure of having enough staff on hand to answer all the calls?

    Well, obviously, there are obvious times of a day and certain days of the week where call flows are greater or fewer than others and we have come to know this through experience so can plan for them. Sometimes, through unexpectedly high call volumes or staff shortage or during out-of-hours cover late in the evening, a call may be missed. Because we have call reports we can quickly initiate a call back for any call that has been missed (although this relies on callers not withholding their number).

  • Is there help available if I have a problem?

    We pride ourselves on our hands-on approach and being readily available to offer help. It’s not unusual for our directors and managers to be picking the phones up and answering calls from pupils, so we all keep our feet firmly on the ground and stay in touch with the grass roots of the industry. We offer a one-to-one telephone induction to every new instructor that uses our systems (including, where required, those that belong to multi-car schools) there are basic manuals that are downloadable as pdf. guides. In addition, every important service screen within your Online Office has its own Help icon describing what that screen does and how to update or use it.

  • Who has access to my diary?

    DIS staff obviously have access to everything. The owner of the driving school also has access to everything, and in the case of a multi-car school, any operators authorised by the owner will see everything about your business. The main subscriber can also nominate other people, either instructors or people working for them, to use the system to take bookings and answer pupil enquiries in exactly the same way as DIS does for its users.

  • Am I in a contract?

    Insofar as you agree to abide by our terms and conditions of service, yes, but there is no minimum period that you have to subscribe and the consequence of any breach of our Ts and Cs is simply a cessation of service. As long as you give at least 7 days notice to terminate our service, you can stop subscribing at the end of that month. The only possible issue could be that if you terminate within 7 days of the end of a month, the following month’s subscription will still be collected and your contract would end at the end of that following month. If you want to terminate, please remember to give us notice at least a week before the end of a month.

  • How long would it take, if I decide to change the package?

    Changes in service levels or packages can be implemented immediately but charges would probably only be applied at the end of the month.

  • Can I communicate with other instructors within your system?

    You can communicate with other instructors within your driving school using the comprehensive Intranet system.

  • How do I divert calls from a landline?

    The process of diverting calls can vary from provider to provider. You will need to check with your provider how to divert, although once set up the process is quick and easy. Larger businesses can also divert non-geographic 0800, 0845 and 0844 numbers.

  • How do I divert calls from my mobile?

    To divert calls from your mobile there is generally a Settings option in your main menu that allows you to set up, query and cancel diverts.
    Every instructor working under your brand can individually divert his or her landline or mobile calls and even personal messages will be recorded, which is ideal for sole-traders and smaller partnerships that work from home.

  • Can I print out worksheets or my weekly diary from the Online Office?

    Yes, these can be found on the diary screen.

  • Do I need an Internet connection to use Driving Instructor Services?

    Yes. Because our Online Office is accessed via the Internet, you can use it from any Internet terminal, workstation, laptop or computer anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night.

  • Does DIS market my business for me?

    DIS does not offer to advertise your brand or promise to generate work for you. Our core aim is to provide a comprehensive support package for business administration.